Why So Homophobic?

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I feel like Nigerians are the most homophobic people in the world. There is a difference between not approving something and being so hateful & exhibiting violence towards people engaged in that thing you do not approve of. Disapproval and violence/any form of persecution do not have to go hand in hand, and that’s what most of us do not realize. My motive for writing this post isn’t to support homosexuality or encourage people to become gay, let me just clarify before I go on. I’m a practicing Christian, Catholic to be precise, and I believe that homosexuality is wrong. That’s what my faith teaches me and that is what I believe. For all those people who say “The Bible actually never says anything about homosexuality”, LOL you people are so cute. I present to you, Leviticus 20:13- “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both…

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GET THE LOOK: Angela Simmons’ Oh-So-Fab Yellow Cut-Out Swimsuit

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Umm, can we talk about how amazing Angela Simmons looks? Her enviable body is not only making me want to renew my membership to the gym, but I also need to teleport myself to the nearest vacation spot with white sands, blue water and unlimited cocktails!

MUST READ: Angela Simmons Releases Visuals For Her New Clothing Line

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Angela (who is staying busy with her guest host spot on 106 & Park) took a break from her fabulous New York life and hit the beaches in Anguilla. Since it’s totally 2013, she shared a few pics with us all on Instagram. In Solange-esque uber-long braids, she rocked a bright canary yellow cut-out swimsuit from the Spring/Summer 2013 Taba bikini collection by Nigerian designer Andrea Iyamah.

Angela Simmons 2013 Taba bikini by Nigerian designer Andrea Iyamah-1

Since I know you fashionistas are feening for these, you can pre-order for…

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Americans Added $36.2 Billion in Credit Card Debt in 2012

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Credit cardsEven though Americans spent 2012 reducing their net credit card debt in every quarter, for the full year net credit card debt rose by $36.2 billion. That is 21% lower than the $45.87 billion in net debt at the end of 2011, but about eight times the amount of debt at the end of 2010 and 35 times net credit card debt at the end of 2009.

The data was published today by CardHub.com and comes with some cautionary statements from the company’s CEO. For example:

We’re still falling into the dark pit that is debt; we’ve simply managed to create a bit of drag in order to slow our descent. In short, something needs to change soon or we’re in for some serious problems in the near future.

People seem to think that since we’re seeing a bit of economic recovery, we can all simply revert back to pre-recession…

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i wish!

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The one thing I learned in college was to never come between your sleep-deprived best friend and her grande sized coffee. NEVER EVER. Her relationship with coffee always baffled me because — believe it or not — I don’t drink coffee everyday. Not even tea. The truth is, I never use caffeine/coffee to stay awake in college. Let that statement sink in now…

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Coca-Cola logoIn the run-up to this year’s Super Bowl, soft drink maker Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO) will run advertising highlighting the company’s low-calorie beverages and pointing out that consuming too many calories of any kind can lead to obesity. The ads are aimed at deflecting some of the pressure on the sugar-drinks industry, which is threatened by caps on the size of drinks vendors will be allowed to sell and by proposed taxes on sugared beverages.

New York City is set the enforce a cap on the size of drinks for sale later this year, and as many as 20 cities and states have considered imposing taxes on sugared drinks. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo Inc. (NYSE: PEP), and a beverage lobbying group spent around $35 million on lobbying efforts to fend off these taxes in 2010, and were on track to top that spending in 2011. Spending in 2012…

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OMG!!!…i have been thinking about this for the longest time….I love love love SATC… and I hope CW doesn’t screw this show up…because not many CW shows are good (opinion)…
Watched the first episode today…there is juts too much difference between the two Carrie’s…new Carrie being too privileged and Old Carrie having to struggle…
I still hope the show is great!!!

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The Cab Wave copy

The Carrie Diaries is premiering today and as someone who watched every episode of Sex and The City I am pretty excited to have a new (silly), girlie show to watch. I’d like for there to be some authenticity and continuity between the old series and the new one. The show is already being criticized for making Carrie too privileged when Sex and The City portrayed Carrie as having a working class upbringing and a father who abandoned her, compared to the Carrie of The Carrie Diaries who is from the upper crust of Connecticut and who’s dad is loving and dapper. Those two backstories would arguably create two very different women. Having to work your way  up the social and economic ladder in NYC would instigate very different experiences than having a trust fund when you arrive. Still, we haven’t seen the new show yet.

I’ve decided to compare and contrast the style…

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